Meet the ACE Research Associates Team


ACE Research Associates was created to provide business owners with Accurate, Creative and Energetic research solutions, learning tools and consulting services. The ACE Research Associates team is composed of dynamic, seasoned professionals who are qualified to help you reach your business goals.


Irene Krasnoff President CEO ACE Research Associates


Irene Krasnoff, President and Chief Executive Officer

Irene Krasnoff has 15+ years experience in sales, marketing, and research. She has an MBA from one of the top 20 business schools in the United States – McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. Her industry expertise includes non-profit, government agencies, healthcare, technology, small and medium sized businesses. She also worked at IBM as a CRM Consultant. Her market research in sales effectiveness, along with her administering a SurveyMonkey survey for a Media & Entertainment client led to a $1M+ follow up project. Currently, she provide research and marketing services for Small & Medium Sized Business Clients. Her market research and competitive analysis skills has enabled clients to secure new business and retain existing clients.


Janeane Davis, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Janeane Davis, Chief Operating Officer
Janeane Davis has  18 years experience helping entrepreneurs work smarter and not merely harder in order to reach their goals. She helped a solar energy company create work flow and associated documents for the entire company from sub-contractor electricians up through the president of the company as well as contracts for customers and banking connections. She believes every working mom can succeed and be happy with the right encouragement, inspiration and motivation and that is why she created the blog Janeane’s World and why she works every day to create resources designed to encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and at home.

She has an undergraduate degree in organizational behavior which may explain her desire to help people do things better, more efficiently and with more pleasure.  Her law degree and work as an attorney trained her to look for ways to tell stories that audiences would want to hear.

Pam Margolis, Chief Financial Officer
Pam has been in the public eye for over 35 years; from TV spots to musical theater, marching band, orchestra, and choir, Pam never shies away from the chance to make people laugh or have a good time. She has performed locally, nationally, and internationally on small and large stages. Performing for children is her latest achievement; she hosts literary tea parties where she dons a tutu and a tiara and teaches manners to children of all ages. Off the stage, Pam’s public speaking has been well documented: she has spoken in conferences for state and federal government agencies, regularly speaks concerning global vaccinations as a Shot@Life Champion,  diversity in children’s books and issues regarding raising LGBT children. Pam has a BS in English Writing, a post baccalaureate in Teaching, and an MLIS in Library and Information Science. She is certified K-6 Elementary Education and K-12 Library Media Specialist.



Darren Davis, Senior Vice-President of Business Development

Darren Davis  has 25 years of experience in business consulting  specifically in the areas of finance, accounting, business development and sales. Darren attended the Eastern University Graduate School where his studies consisted of a earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in accounting and computer science. He had minor studies in sociology.  His industry expertise includes small, medium sized businesses, start-ups, non-profits, government agencies, and many technology companies. Darren worked as a consultant with the City of Philadelphia to secure $100 million grant for Empowerment Zones for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey. He worked with individuals to secure financing and start-up capital for business development. For other clients Darren established accounting systems, secured bridge loans, helped secure factoring agreements and negotiated contracts. He set up insurance policies, 401k programs, investment portfolios and annuities. He acted as manager for start-up companies while training management.  Darren had two clients named to the Philadelphia Business Journal’s list of fastest growing companies. He worked as conduit for small firms. He worked with major lenders and developers to enable clients to finance major expansion programs.